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We are dedicated to helping women of color before, during and after child-birth with community resources, mental health advocacy, treatment and support. Our vision is to change the way women are currently being diagnosed and treated after giving birth and experiencing any adverse maternal mental health outcome. Our vision is that our Acknowledge, Respect, and Support method will be the adaptable change agent for healthcare professional and healthcare systems operations in their engagement with patients

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We respect every woman and their birth story no matter the outcome, we all have a story and no one experience is the same. 

The Shades of Blue Project is dedicated to breaking cultural barriers in maternal mental health by raising awareness and ensuring action is being taken to break the stigma surrounding seeking treatment in the minority community when experiencing complications after childbirth. 


Pregnant black woman in all white
Mother and Father during pregnancy


Our goal is to support the women we serve who seek help before pregnancy with education readiness, and during pregnancy so that they are aware of potential issues in the postpartum period and after child-birth with maternal mental health advocacy, treatment and support. 

We have expanded our Social Support services beyond our home office in Houston, Texas, to the following states based on our current national outreach efforts. As we continue to work towards bridging the gap in maternal mental health, we are expanding our pre-natal and postpartum support care package program to reach more birthing people who would benefit from basic needs support. We expect over the next year to add more states.

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Mother and Daughter sitting in brightly colored background
Mother and Daughter Joy



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