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The RoundUp App makes giving easy through their partnership with hundreds of nonprofits. Here's your chance to make an impact without breaking the bank by donating your change to a nonprofit. 

- Get set up in under 60 seconds
- Create an account, choose the organization you want to support, and connect to your credit or debit card account
- The app keeps track of your purchases and the amount to round up for each. At the end of the month, this "change" will be donated to the organization you are supporting
- See your pending round ups so far this month and the growth of your impact over time
- You can even cap your donations if you are on a tight budget, setting the maximum you will give each month

- The Round Up App is completely free for all donors.
- Your donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

maternal mental health for black mothers, dads and birthing people or persons
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