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Twitter Chat

Join us for an engaging TWITTER CHAT around maternal mental health in the black community. Let’s Talk solutions and then Action steps towards making this all different


Movie Showing: Baby Blue

Join us for the screening of Baby Blue a BET Her Short film Q&A follows


Maternal and Mental Health Resource Center Grand Opening

RSVP for the Grand Opening of our Maternal and Mental Health Resource Center.


State of Black Maternal Mental Health Roundtable

Maternal and Maternal Mental Health Advocates and Leaders discuss the current state of Black Maternal Mental Health and how we can work together to bring more awareness and bring to the forefront more community driven solutions around this issue.


Candid Conversations

Join us for a Candid Conversation with Actress Cherie Johnson Click here for Login Access Q&A follows


DJ Happy Hour

Join us as we raise money with our Text to Give campaign. Music and Mental Health Happy Hour! Your donations will help us continue to provide services to the communities we serve. Bring your best moves and turn your camera on and LET’S DANCE to MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN!! TEXT 244801 to the number 855-575-7888


I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Brunch Tea and Mimosas

Join us for our INSPIRE Brunch Tea and Mimosas. This will be an afternoon full of conversations, breakthroughs and so much more. This event is open to pregnant and postpartum women of color. Click below to register.


I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Walk

8TH Annual Postpartum Depression Awareness now the INSPIRE Walk is taking place July 25,2021. Join us in walking for awareness every step helps us get closer to making shift happen in our communities everywhere. Come for the Walk and stay for the Fun Day in The park!!

"Someone Like Me" Documentary Showing 

The Shades of Blue Project presents "Someone Like Me," a poignant documentary screening during Black Maternal Mental Health Week. This event is dedicated to illuminating the complex issues surrounding maternal mental health in the Black community. Guests will be treated to an evening of engagement and enlightenment, featuring lite bites, wine, and a thought-provoking dialogue following the documentary. Join us in fostering a supportive environment where stories and experiences are shared, understanding is deepened, and community bonds are strengthened.

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"Stepping for Black Mamas" Awareness Walk &
Fun Day In The Park

"Stepping for Black Mamas" is a 100-mile, 90-day walk challenge aimed at raising awareness and funds to improve maternal mental health outcomes for Black women. By engaging communities in physical activity and advocacy, the challenge seeks to highlight and address the disparities in maternal mental health care, fostering a supportive environment for Black mothers. Our mission is to empower, educate, and mobilize allies and resources to ensure equitable mental health support for Black mamas nationwide.

INSPIRE Brunch & Angel Awards

Annually, the Shades of Blue Project celebrates its INSPIRE Brunch and Awards Ceremony to honor key community figures impacting Houston and beyond. This growing event offers great food, networking, and supports a vital cause: improving Black Maternal Mental Health. We invite you and your network to acknowledge these contributions and help fund the mission. Join us in a celebration that not only highlights community achievements but also champions the health of Black mothers across the nation.

Washing DC Press Conference 

The Shades of Blue Project is set to host a pivotal policy press conference in Washington D.C. during Black Maternal Mental Health Week, aimed at spotlighting and uplifting community-driven solutions to maternal mental health challenges, with a particular focus on addressing racial disparities. This conference will gather healthcare professionals, government officials, and community leaders to discuss innovative strategies to improve maternal mental health outcomes for Black mothers. The agenda will include a call to action for increased collaboration and support from both the healthcare sector and government bodies, urging the development and implementation of policies that ensure equitable access to mental health resources and support systems for Black mothers, thereby fostering a healthier, more supportive community environment.

Social Media Take-Over 

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The toolkit for Black Maternal Mental Health Week is designed to promote awareness, education, and support for the mental health of Black mothers. It includes shareable social media graphics and hashtags to spread the word, informative pamphlets on mental health resources and support networks specifically tailored to Black mothers, a calendar of events and webinars led by experts on maternal mental health, and guidelines for hosting community discussions to foster a supportive environment. The toolkit empowers individuals and organizations to actively participate in and amplify the campaign's initiatives, encouraging community involvement and advocacy for the well-being of Black mothers.

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Happy Hour Art Showcase

Be a part of "The Conversation Continues" and embrace the power of community learning. This summit transcends the ordinary, serving as a collaborative space where every participant is both a listener and a contributor. It's a gathering dedicated to advancing the cause of black maternal mental health, where shared experiences and collective wisdom pave the way for innovation and progress. By joining us, you're not just attending an event—you're becoming part of a movement. Together, we celebrate our achievements, illuminate pressing issues, and courageously address the hurdles that remain. Your engagement, insights, and dedication are vital to our collective success. Let's unite to make a significant impact. See you at the summit! 

Black Maternal Mental Health Summit 

Art of Motherhood Happy Hour 

The "Art of Motherhood Happy Hour," hosted by the Shades of Blue Project in celebration of Black Maternal Health Week, marks the beginning of the Black Maternal Mental Health Summit. This event highlights the intersection of art and maternal well-being within the Black community. Through a curated showcase of artistic expressions, it aims to foster dialogue, awareness, and support around the mental health challenges faced by Black mothers. Participants will engage in an evening of empowerment and community, emphasizing the importance of mental health resources and solidarity in the journey of motherhood. This gathering sets a tone of advocacy and healing on the first day of the summit.

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